Issue 33: Prepare for switch to pump.io

Reported by Raphaël Hertzog, Jun 17, 2013

Identi.ca is going to switch to pump.io in a few days. Is feed2omb 
ready for this switch ?

It would be nice to have a new version available that supports 
posting to activity streams feed of pump.io instances as well as 
posting to status.net instances.

Comment 1 by Ciaran Gultnieks, Jun 27, 2013

Not much free time at the moment, but I have been looking into this 
and doing some preliminary work. It will be a lot less user-friendly 
(you thought that was impossible!), due to the OAuth, but it should 
be doable.

I'll try and get something up and running before the switchover, but 
no promises...

Comment 2 by Raphaël Hertzog, Jul 11, 2013

FWIW the switch happened today. Debian relies on feed2omb to forward 
the latest news over to the microblogging world so it would be nice 
to have something working.

Thank you in advance.

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