Issue 21: Add new option to force usage of URL shortening service

Reported by Raphaël Hertzog, Jan 8, 2011

In http://bugs.debian.org/609345 someone was surprised that the URL 
shortening service was not always used. It would be nice to have an 
option to force feed2omb to shorten the URL, even if there's enough 
room in the message.

Many people who use bit.ly or j.mp want this because it allows them 
to have statistics about the usage of the link shared.

Comment 1 by Ciaran Gultnieks, Jan 11, 2012

Labels: Type:Enhancement Type:Defect

Comment 2 by Ciaran Gultnieks, Jan 11, 2012

Implemented in commit d665310da

(Also bumped version number)

Comment 3 by Ciaran Gultnieks, Jan 11, 2012

Status: Fixed

Created: 3 years 10 months ago by Raphaël Hertzog

Updated: 2 years 10 months ago

Status: Fixed

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