feed2omb is a simple tool that takes input from Atom or RSS feeds and posts updates to the open microblogging service of your choice.


  • Flexible processing of multiple feeds
  • Various ways of forming the message from the feed content
  • Ability to apply regular expressions to the message - RegEx
  • Include links or not
  • Support for various URL-shortening services - UrlShortening
  • Auto-generation of hashtags from feed categories - HashTags
  • Configurable rate limiting - FloodControl
  • Support for sending to XMPP as well/instead - XMPP

feed2omb is Free software released under the GNU Afferro General Public License (AGPL v3).

See the Documentation tab for more information, and also http://ciarang.com/posts/feed2omb for the background to this project.

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Ciaran Gultnieks
Happy Crew
Josh Wood

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